Website Import Using Plesk

The extension provides the features to migrate website from anywhere or any server having plesk or not.

It can transfer below types:

  • Applications (currently you can import WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and PrestaShop)
  • Folders
  • Databases
  • Mail account

It uses FTP to make connection with the source domain in order to migrate the data.

Below are the steps to follow.

Firstly, install the Plug-in “Site Import” on your Plesk server using Extensions.

Then, go to “Website and Domains” and Select the domain to which you want to import the data.

Then, select “Website Importing”

It will open a window where you need to enter the details of source domain from where you want to import the data.

Once all the details entered click “OK” to start migration. 

After this, the extension will check the connection and once connection established it will provide you with the options related to the types you want to migrate.

Here we are migrating WordPress, so click on “Import” option under WordPress section.

Now, you can verify the data from “Website and Domains.