Virtual Private Cloud

How to use cloud products in a VPC?

virtual Private Cloud

Xcellhost Cloud offers a variety of connectivity options for Internet and intranet access.
The way you choose to use VPC for different cloud products is different:

  • Using VPC on the Purchase Page This approach refers specifically to cloud products such as ECS, RDS and SLB. Such cloud products provide you with various networks to choose from. When you buy an instance you can choose the VPC. On development of an instance, the instance will be allocated a private IP address or a private endpoint.
  • Choose the device to use VPC This approach refers to cloud items such as Table Store, Container Service, E-MapReduce and Connected Storage Network.
    On the Table Store console you can set a VPC endpoint for a Table Store case, choose to use VPC when building a Container Service cluster or E-MapReduce cluster in the console.
  • Display VPC endpoints This refers to cloud items like Log Service, Object Storage and ECS. The following products can be considered as aid documents:
    • VPC endpoint of Log Service
    • VPC endpoint of Object Storage Service
    • VPC endpoint of ECS
      You can call APIs for other cloud products through the Private Zone intranet. For more information, see Activate Private Zone.