Multi Cloud

How to upload files to cloud services with Xcellhost?

Upload files to cloud services

    1. Log in Xcellhost. First, you should ensure that you have an Xcellhost account and have already added cloud drive(s) in Xcellhost.
    2. Select any one cloud services in Xcellhost to open, we take Dropbox as an example. Click it, then everything in it will be displayed in the Xcellhost interface.
    3. Open Dropbox in Xcellhost
    4. Now you can click the “Upload” button on the top of the interface.
    5. Click the “Upload” button
    6. In the pop-up window, it tells you there are two ways to adding files ready to upload: one is clicking the Add button, another is dragging and dropping files in the pop-up window directly.
    7. Upload to Dropbox pop-up window
  • Select files to add
    1. After you have selected target files, click the “Upload” button to start uploading.
    2. Click the “Upload” button
    3. You can see a progress bar on the right bottom of the interface. When the progress bar disappears, the uploading process is complete.
    4. Now you see, two target files have been added in cloud services successfully.
    5. Finished uploading files to cloud service.