Acronis DRaaS

How to update Acronis Virtual Appliance?

Update Acronis Virtual Appliance

Updating  Agents for VMWare using Acronis Management Server

      1. Open Acronis Management Console and connect to the Acronis Management Server.
      2. On the Navigation pane, right-click Virtual Machines item and choose Update Agent for VMWare:
      3. In Update Agent for VMware, check all of the agents you need to update. Click Update Agent for VMware:
      4. If prompted, specify credentials for the ESXi host where the Virtual Appliance resides and click OK:
      5. Click Update Agent for VMware to start the update.

Verifying the installation

    1. Track the progress for each update task by clicking Current Activities at the bottom right corner of Acronis Management Console main window:
    2. After a successful update Virtual Appliance restarts. It will be grayed out as inaccessible under Machines with agents -> All machines with agents in the management console. This is unexpected behavior. It can take up to 15-20 minutes for the Appliance to restart and become available in the management console.
      Once the Virtual Appliance is restarted, you are able to see its new version number in the management console. The version number should be updated:
    3. If you do not have the Installed agent version column in your management console: right-click the table header line and click Installed agent version line in the drop-down menu.