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How to track your visitors and sales with Magento and Google Analytics?

Track your visitors and sales with Magento and Google Analytics.

Magento supports two types of tracking:

  • Page View Tracking - Lists the origin from which your web store visitors linked to your store.
  • E-commerce Tracking - Lists the customers that make purchases and what they buy.


Steps to track visitors sales with Magento and Google Analytics:-

  • First, go to sign up at You will receive a Google Analytics account number. Write it down since you will need it for the Magento configuration.
  • Go to configure the Google Analytics tracking in your Magento store.
  • Open your Admin area and navigate to Stores > Settings section > Configuration > Sales > Google API and expand the Google Analytics section.

  • Pick the Yes option from the Enable drop-down menu to see the other options as well.
  • Enter the Google Analytics account number in the Account number field and click on the Save Config button.

Now it's done, the Google Analytics code is added to your site.