Email Continuity

How to reset your password via SMS?

Email continuity

      1. Open the Xcellhost portal.
      2. Enter Your Primary Email Address.
      3. Click on the Reset Cloud Password button.
      4. Type the Captcha exactly as it is displayed.
      5. Click the Reset Password button.
      6. Select SMS in the Reset Code Delivery Method field.

Note: Depending on your authentication profile configuration, you may not be able to select any other value.

      1. Click the Next button. You'll receive a verification code from us via SMS.
      2. Enter the Verification Code.
      3. Click the Continue button.
      4. Enter a new password and confirm it by retyping it in the required field. This password must conform to the password complexity policy displayed.
      5. Click the Confirm button. The password is saved and can be used to log in.