GPU Cloud

How to launch an instance based on the NGC image?

To launch an instance based on the NGC image.

Using the Console:-

  • The first step will be to Signing in to the Myaccount Console.
  • Navigate to the Node create a page.
  • After you log in to the XcellHost ‘My_Account’, you can click on any of the following options.
  • Green Start button in the top right to open the quick start menu.
  • On the left side of the My_Account dashboard, click on the “Nodes” sub-menu available under the Products section.
  • You may also click on the “Nodes” header on the dashboard.
  • You will be routed to the ‘Manage Nodes’ page. Now, you have to Click on the ‘Create Node‘ button to create a node that takes you to the ‘Create Compute Node’ page.
  • Choosing an NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) Image.

Once you have selected the Node image, then click the “Create” Button. It will take you to the final stage of the ‘Create Compute Node’ page.

  • Finalize and Create a Node.

Here, you can specify the node name and additional options for the Node you’re creating.

  • Choose an SSH Authentication:
    Use SSH Keys that provide more secure access than password-based access. Once you select "Use SSH Keys" you can click Disable Password for remote SSH Access, the SSH Only key is required to access your Node remotely. One-time password, which is a single-use password shared with you by default via an auto-generated email and requires you to reset your own password once you have accessed the server.
  • Enable Backup – you can enable automatic backups of the node by ticking the Enable backup checkbox.

Once you have your options selected press Create Setting up the Node will take a few minutes and you will take to the ' Manage Node ' page You will also receive a notification email along with your login credentials. Now the ' Manage Node ' page allows you to access and manage your nodes.


You should see the NGC instance with the state Running. you can connect to the instance.