Multi Cloud

How to download files from cloud services with Xcellhost?

Multi-cloud service

    1. Log in Xcellhost. First, you should ensure that you have an Xcellhost account and have already added cloud drive(s) in Xcellhost. And there are files in your cloud storage services.
    2. Select any one cloud services in Xcellhost to open, we take Dropbox as an example. Click it, then everything in it will be displayed in the Xcellhost interface.
    3. Open Dropbox in Xcellhost
    4. For example, we select the file in Dropbox that you want to download, you will see the “Download” button on the top become white, that means it has been available now. Just click it, please. Another method is to right-click the target file, then you will see a “Download” option, you can also click it to download.
    5. After you click any “Download” button, there will be a pop-up window that lets you select a location to store the file.
    6. select location
    7. When you decide the save location and click the “Save” button, the download process will be automatically running.