Azure WAF

How to create WAF  policies for Application Gateway?

Way to create WAF policies for Application Gateway.

First, create a basic WAF policy with a managed Default Rule Set (DRS) using the Azure portal.

  1. On the upper left side of the portal, select Create a resource.
  2. Search for WAF, select Web Application Firewall, then select Create.
  3. Create a WAF policy page, Basics tab, enter or select the following information, accept the defaults for the remaining settings, and then select Review + create:




Policy for

Regional WAF (Application Gateway)


Select your subscription name

Resource group

Select your resource group

Policy name

Type a unique name for your WAF policy.


  1. On the Association tab, enter one of the following settings, then select Add:




Associate Application Gateway

Select your Application Gateway profile name.

Associate Listeners

Select the name of your Application Gateway Listener, then select Add.


  1. Select Review + create, then select Create.