Cloud Email Security

How to create a policy for your internal emails

Policy for internal Email

      • You would like to add an internal-only signature to your emails.

This article explains how to create a policy to apply a signature when the email is sent internally within your organization.

      • To create an internal-only signature you will need to set the conditions of your signature policy within the Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition console with both the sender and the recipient set to 'inside the organization'.

To do this:

    1. Go to your policy and go to the 'Conditions' tab.
    2. Select the option 'The sender is someone'
    3. You will now see the condition window below has populated with 'The sender is someone'.
      The 'Someone' is in blue to indicate that this has further options, click this.
    4. The menu will come up with additional options for who 'Someone' is.
      From this menu select 'The sender is Inside or Outside of the Organisation'
      It will default to 'Inside' the organization.
      Click OK.
    5. Back on the 'Conditions' tab now want to also select 'The Recipient is someone' 
    6. Click on the 'Someone' for the recipient options and then select 'The Recipient is inside or outside of the organization'.
      Click OK.
    7.  To ensure that this policy only applies when both of these conditions are met, select the option 'Apply policy when all conditions are met'
    8. Click Save to save the policy.