Multi Cloud

How to copy files between cloud services with Xcellhost?

Copy files between cloud services

    1. Log in Xcellhost. First, you should ensure that you have an Xcellhost account and have already added cloud drive(s) in Xcellhost.
    2. Select any one cloud services in Xcellhost to open, we take Dropbox as an example. Click it, then everything in it will be displayed in the Xcellhost interface.
    3. Open Dropbox in Xcellhost
    4. Select the file in Dropbox that you want to copy, right-click it, you will see there are “Copy” and “Copy to” options on the right-click context menu. I’ll explain separately.
    5. If you select “Copy”, you should paste it in OneDrive. Open OneDrive, right-click content area in the Xcellhost, there will be a “Paste” option, select it, please.
    6. If you select “Copy to”, there will be a pop-up window as the following picture. Of course, select the destination cloud service--OneDrive first, then click the “Transfer” button. The file will be copied automatically.