Managed Magento

How to configure Magento with SSL?

To configure Magento with SSL for its steps is given below.

Steps to configure Magento to work with your SSL certificate.

  • Step1:- Login to your admin area.
  • Step2:- Go to Stores -> Configuration.
  • Step3:- Then expand the General tab and click on the Web menu.


  • Step4:- On this page, you will see many options that you can configure.
  • Step5:- However, focus only on the Base URLs and Base URLs (Secure) tab.
  • Step6:- In it, make sure that you've set the Base URLs, Base Link URL, Secure Base URL and Use Secure Base Link URL to your domain with HTTPS.
  • Step7:- Doing this will make your Magento application work with SSL only.

That's it, your Magento store is now configured to work over SSL!