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How to Change the Branded Footer Text in WordPress?

To change the branded footer text in WordPress.

You may see a branded message in the front-end footer of your site at the bottom of the page when you first install WordPress.

You will see the message as "Proudly powered by WordPress" which helps to promote the WordPress platform but you may want to remove it. Also, when you think from a security point of view, it makes clear the platform on which your site is based and this can be risky.

Follow the below steps to remove or edit the message displayed in the WordPress footer:

Removing the Footer Message

Log in to the Dashboard for WordPress administration.

Go to Appearance > Customize in the left sidebar.

This will open the customizer for WordPress. This integrated editor allows several theme settings to be changed safely.

Instead of directly editing the footer code to delete the message, its display can be controlled using a CSS rule.

Choose Additional CSS at the base of the menu.

Add the below code to the page:

    • .site-info { display: none; }

After adding the code, check your site footer in the preview pane on the right. You will notice that the message has now disappeared.

Click on the Publish button to save the change, the X to exit the Customizer.