Cloud Email Security

How to Add an "External" tag to the top of messages received from external sources

Add "External" tag

  • You would like to tag incoming messages to state whether it came from an external source.
  • To achieve this, create a new template and add text to the signature design with the word "External".
  • Ensure this is above both of the reply separator fields, add any highlighting or font changes that you wish to this text.
  • It should now appear similar to the below:
  • Save this template.

Note: Ensure that the 2 separators shown above are not edited or deleted. Doing so will likely cause problems with the location of the "External Mail" text.

You will then need to create a policy to apply this signature, for this the condition should state that the sender is external and the recipient is internal, as shown below:

With both of these configured your external mail should be processed by Signature Manager and have the "External Mail" tag added to the top of any mail coming into your business.