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How is Cloud Sync better than in-house or other tools?

Information for Cloud Sync to use in a tool.


Although engineers might want to build their own transfer tools using rsync, rclone, or similar utilities, do-it-yourself tools lead to untested solutions, spiraling costs, and trial and error. Cloud Sync outperforms other tools by offering these benefits:

  • Cloud Sync transfers data up to 10x faster than in-house developed or traditional tools.
  • Its costs are low and flexible, based on hourly usage.
  • It tracks and does not re-replicate unchanged files.
  • It is reliable, tracks and logs errors and failures, and can recover or pick up from where it stopped.
  • It is a service-based solution—you don’t need to write and maintain scripts, interact with a cloud provider, schedule updates, track progress, validate each step, handle failure scenarios, and so on. Everything is built-in as part of the service.
  • It supports a friendly, intuitive web GUI where users can create relationships, change sync schedules, and monitor operations.