Dedicated Servers

How do I choose my storage offer?

Described to choose the storage offer.

With XcellHost dedicated server offers, you can choose to store your data according to your usage and how critical your data is:

  • XcellHost offer: designed for high availability (up to 100%), these machines benefit from RAID configurations and offer excellent I/O performance. In standard, hybrid or full SSD versions, the NAS server is connected via the network to all active dedicated servers so that your data can be easily spread out. Partitioning, automatic snapshots, RAID reconstruction - XcellHost is committed to bringing you a high quality of service at every level.
  • Being used in general to compliment your live servers, the storage servers offer up to 216 TB of data stored (RAID configuration). They are compatible to secure access to your most critical data using a private VLAN. The internal XcellHost network allows the bandwidth of 1 Gbps to 40 Gbps.
  • Backup Storage:  Every XcellHost dedicated server comes with a 500 GB space included for storing your non-critical data. With 10 TB capacity (optional), you can use FTP(S), NFS and CIFS protocols to make things easier.