SSL Certificates

How can I install SSL on cPanel using Browse Certificates?

SSL certificate using the browse certificates

For retrieving information using Browse Certificates:

  1. Click on Browse Certificates. The SSL Certificate List window will appear.
  2. You can either select an account from the Browse Account menu or click Browse Apache. The list of corresponding certificates will change.
    • Note: The listed certificates correspond to the selected account. This menu does not indicate that the selected certificate will be installed on the selected account.
  1. Click the option that corresponds to the desired certificate.
  2. Click Use Certificate, to populate the available fields.
    • If the selected domain is not dedicated to a specific IP address, select an available IP address from the IP Address menu. You can only select an IP address that is labeled as shared or available.
    • If you selected a purchased SSL certificate, you may need to fill in the Certificate Authority Bundle (optional) field. If this field is not already populated with information, you may need to contact the organization from which you purchased the certificate.
  1. Click Install.
    • You can click Reset to remove the information from all fields.

If the installation is successful, WHM will display a message to indicate that the certificate was installed. If the installation is unsuccessful, WHM will display an error message to indicate the problem.